Kulwinder Singh is my father. I am shocked to read this news item with my Dad's picture in this accusing my Dad of hosting a "police cat".

What is even more shocking is that Panthic Weekly would print such a defaming story without first contacting the family involved.

I sponsored this visit of Kulbeer Singh to Canada at the request of my Dad.

There was a suitable girl (a widow in her 40s) and this was a well intentioned act on the part of my Dad to try to match two needy people. This is the most common way the marriages are arranged in our culture.

My Dad had also arranged the marriage of ##### Singh from ##### friend of Kulbir Singh.

One of Kulbir Singh's friend from ##### (##### Singh) knew about this visit and never opposed it. This same person is now accusing Kulbir Singh of reportedly being a police cat.

I never knew that Kulbir Singh had been accused of such serious allegations. I had said Fateh to him only once or twice by telephone in last 13 years that I have been abroad. Kulbir's friend in California never mentioned these accusations about him to me before.

Kulbir Singh has been staying with Sardar Shingara Singh Mann in France .

Shingara Singh is the lone Sikh fighting for the right of the Sikhs to wear a turban in France.

Your readers are well aware about him. While at the May Samagam in BC, Kulbir Singh presented himself in front of Guru jee and Panj Piyare and has explained all that happened in 1988, has been pardoned and has been ordered to perform Tankhah.

I have faxed you a letter written by AKJ committee members regarding this matter. I have met three of the Panj Piyare, personally, and they have indicated that Kulbir Singh has been asked to perform Tankhah regarding any matters he discussed with them.

After all this controversy I have asked Kulbir Singh to return to France, as I feel this is a very sensitive issue and I want Kulbir Singh to clear his background and allegations against him as soon as possible.