This is in response to your email that you have witnesses attesting to the fact that myself, Rupinder Kaur and my father knew about Kulbir Singh’s background of him being blamed as an Indian CAT.

First and foremost, this allegation against Kulbir Singh is completely a new matter that has just surfaced with his visit to Surrey, as far as we know. We were never aware that some people or any people alleged him to be a CAT.
Our knowledge of him is as follows:

1. He was a young Sikh man in the movement.
2. He was captured, tortured, and kept by police for 3-4 months. He was kept in jail from 1988 to the end of 1990.
3. As per him, he was taken by police, to various villages while they hunted down other militants or families involved in the movement. The police already had these lists and their purpose for showing Kulbir Singh as with them was for propaganda.
4. Once out of police custody, his family arranged for him to escape India.
5. His brother was taken by police and tortured after his escape from India.
6. Once, he arrived in France, he has been living with a Sikh family who can attest to his character and background while in France. He has been living with Shingara Singh Mann, the lone Sikh fighting against French authorities for the right to wear a turban. Shingara Singh has the highest regard for Kulbir Singh and wishes to see him married.
7. His family in India received no pay off from the Indian government or favours and are living a simple life.
8. Kulbir Singh does not appear to have received any pay off or favours from the Indian government and in no way fits the description of a CAT as per all appearances since leaving India.
9. Another young man from the movement, ##### Singh of #### “#####”, has known that Kulbir Singh was in France for the last 14 years. They have been communicating via telephone ever since. ##### Singh knew all along that my father Kulwinder Singh was planning to arrange a marriage for Kulbir Singh if a suitable match could be found. He also knew of my father’s efforts to bring Kulbir Singh here on Visitor VISA, which has been in the works for the last year. ##### Singh was privy to all this information and he knew that my father saw Kulbir Singh in the same light as he saw ##### Singh. My father had also arranged the marriage of ##### Singh.
10. ##### Singh treated Kulbir Singh as a friend and never told/warned my father that he would turn against him and start accusing him of being a CAT.
11. I, Avtar Singh, hereby swear with 11 Gurus as my witness, that I did not know about Kulbir Singh being accused by anyone of being a CAT, or a Sikh traitor. If I am lying about this, I pray to Guru to do appropriate justice. In particular, if your witness/source in ##### ##### Singh, swears with Guru as witness that he informed me of the “CAT/Sikh traitor” allegations against Kulbir Singh, and he is lying, I pray to Guru to do appropriate justice to the person who is lying. This same holds true for anyone else who states that they have spoken to me about the “CAT/Sikh traitor” allegations against Kulbir Singh, before his present visit to BC. The same holds true for Rupinder Kaur and my father Kulwinder Singh.
12. We are in complete sympathy with the pain and suffering of each and every victim of this movement. Those victims and their families suffered and continue to suffer. The fact that we are defending our actions, in no way means we are against these victims or their suffering.
13. Kulbir Singh has categorically denied being a CAT ever since these allegations were raised against him by Panthic Weekly, a few days ago. I have strongly urged him to clarify his position regarding the allegations and his response is that he will do that once he returns to France. I have asked him to cut short his visit and return to France to clarify his position as soon as possible.
We urge you to publish the above statements in their entirety, so that our position is clear to the Sikh public in this matter.